CoQuS Colloquium WS 2018/2019


Colloquium Speaker


 Student‘s Presentation



Aephraim Steinberg, University of  Toronto"Counting photons as they fly and timing atoms as they tunnel"


Lorenzo Magrini

Lise Meitner Lecture Hall
22.10.2018Valentin Stauber, iris.aiAlumnus-Talk: " - Your (delocalized) Science Assistant"n/aLise Meitner Lecture Hall
12.11.2018Quentin Glorieux, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel"Quantum simulation with light: from superfluidity to Hawking radiation"


Valeria Saggio

Lise Meitner Lecture Hall
19.11.2018 Karsten DanzmannBoltzmann Lecturen/aLise Meitner Lecture Hall
10.12.2018Ulrich Schneider, Jesus College CambridgeExploring quantum thermalization and its breakdown using ultracold atoms in optical lattices
Rui VasconcelosLise Meitner Lecture Hall
14.01.2019Cindy Regal, University of Colorado, Boulder

Harnessing opto-mechanical correlations in electro-optic conversion and quantum-limited interferometry

Martin BlahaLise Meitner Lecture Hall
21.01.2019Martin Plenio, Universiät Ulm

"Diamond Quantum Devices - From Quantum Simulation to Medical Imaging"


Yuri MinoguchiLise Meitner Lecture Hall

Location CoQuS Colloquium:    

University of Vienna
Lise-Meitner Lecture Hall
Boltzmanngasse 5
1090 Vienna


The CoQuS student talks commence at 17:00
The CoQuS guest talks start at 17:30.