CoQuS Colloquium SS 2019

The CoQuS Colloquium is also listed as a seminar at the TU Wien and the University of Vienna. Please note that you need to register separately for the seminar if you want to get ECTS points!!!


Colloquium Speaker


 Student‘s Presentation



Giulio Chiribella, Oxford UKA second-quantised Shannon theory

Marius Krumm

25.03.2019Michael Vanner, Imperial College LondonAlumnus Talk: "Measurement based quantum optomechanics: Towards macroscopic superposition state preparation" n/aAtominstitut
01.04.2019Jelena Vuckovic, Stanford UniversityOptimized quantum photonicsMatthias ZensAtoministitut
08.04.2019Lídia del Rio, ETH ZurichReconstructing quantum space-time from agents' subjective experiencesAtominstitut

Panel Discussion "The scientific publishing system and the strive for open accessibility" with Jean-Sébastian Caux, Maximilian Fochler, Daniel Hook, Markus Huber, Brigitte Kromp and Toma Susi




Lise Meitner Lecture Hall, University of Vienna; Boltzmanngasse 5, 1090 Vienna

Start: 16:00

13.05.2019Carlo Sias, LENS, FlorenceQuantum Mixtures of Atoms and Ions: Results and PerspectivesBenedikt LimbacherAtominstitut
24.06.2019Philipp Haslinger, TU WienProbing the forces of gravity, blackbody radiation and dark energy with matter wavesSebastian EckerAtominstitut


Location CoQuS Colloquium:    

TU Wien
Stadionallee 2
1020 Vienna


The CoQuS student talks commence at 17:00
The CoQuS guest talks start at 17:30.