CoQuS Colloquium Summer 2015

Location:    TU Vienna - Atominsitut

                   Lecture Hall
                   Stadionallee 2, 1020 Wien

(The location of the Vienna Physics Colloquia may vary and will be announced separately.)

Time:          The CoQuS student talks commence at 17:00.

                   The CoQuS guest talks start at 17:30.


The Colloquia was organized by Jörg Schmiedmayer & Markus Arndt

The Student presentations were organized by Bernhard Rauer


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Student‘s Presentation

March 2nd

Markus Aspelmeyer


to the quantum teaching program summer term 2015
(Location: Ernst Mach Hall, Boltzmanngasse 5, 2nd floor)



March 9th


Beatrix Hiesmayr,
Uni Wien

Ivette Fuentes,
Uni Wien

Nicolai Friis,
Uni Innsbruck

Celebration of Prof. Bertlmanns 70. Birthday

No students talk




Robert Amsüss,


Density measurement and the Utube principle

No students talk

April 13th

Albert-László Barabási,

Northeastern University, Boston

Network Science: From structure to control

No students talk

TU Wien-Freihaus, Hörsaal 5,
2. Stock, grüner Bereich

May 4th

Pascale Ehrenfeund,
Präsidentin FWF

The challenge of searching for life beyond Earth

No students talk

Uni Wien, Fakultät für Physik, Lise-Meitner-Hörsaal,

May 11th

Christian Degen,
ETH Zürich

Nanoscale Quantum Sensing with Single Spins in Diamond

Uros Delic


May 18th–25th

International guests

QUPON 2015

18.05. – 25.05.2015


June 1st

Tobias Osborne,
Universität Hannover

What is quantum field theory? A quantum information theorist’s perspective

Jonas Schmöle

June 15th

Harold Metcalf,
Stony Brook University

Laser Cooling without Spontaneous Emission

Bernhard Rauer


June 22nd

Phil Bucksbaum,
University of Standford

Investigating ultrafast dynamics in atoms and molecules with strong short wavelength coherent

WPK, Hörsaal 5,
TU Wien

June 29th

Selim Jochim,
Universität Heidelberg

Assembling many-body Systems atom by atom: A bottom-up Approach

Lukas Mairhofer