Lectures, Seminars and Lab courses

University of Vienna

Lecture "Quantum Optics II (260024)"

Professor(s): Ivette Fuentes


•Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field
•Beam Splitters and interferometers,
•Parametric down-conversion,
•Interaction of light with matter: The Jaynes-Cummings model,  
•Applications of quantum states of light in quantum information,
•Entanglement in quantum optics

When:  Wed   05.10.2016  - 25.01.2017  

ECTS Credits :  2 hrs, 2,5 ECTS

Requirements:  Quantum mechanics and basics of electrodynamics

Seminar "Grundlagen der modernen Quantenphysik (260065) - Seminar"

Professor(s): Zeilinger, Verstraete, Aspelmeyer, Bertlmann


•Theory of quantum structure and geometry of space, time and matter   •Kochen-Specker theorem•Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox•Bell inequalities, EPR-Bell like experiments •Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger experiment   •Information theory •Neutron and atom interferometry•Atom and molecule optics •Double-slit experiments •Interference in micro- to macrosystems, nano-oscillators  

When:   Thu    06.10.2016 - 26.01.2017

ECTS Credits :  2 hrs, 5,0

ECTS Requirements:  Introduction into modern development in quantum physics

Lab Course - "Quantum Optics (260211)"

Organized by Philip Walther. Six tutors are involved. 


•Violation of Bell´s inequalities •Photon-Experiments •Physics on Lasers •Sources and detectors for molecular quantum optics •Molecule interferometry


•4 experiments (Bell-experiment + molecule interferometry + Laser/Spectro/Trapping)
for each experiment test of theoretical background
•2 protocols (one individual plus one individual/joint)

When:  06.02. – 24.02.2017

ECTS Credits :  8 hrs, 10,0 ECTS

Limited number of participants, max. 18

Lecture "Quantum Optics II (260025)"

Professor(s): Ivette Fuentes


•Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field, •Beam Splitters and interferometers, •Parametric down-conversion, •Interaction of light with matter: The Jaynes-Cummings model,   •Applications of quantum states of light in quantum information, •Entanglement in quantum optics When:  Fri   07.10.2016  - 27.01.2017  ECTS Credits :  2 hrs, 5,0 ECTSRequirements:  Quantum mechanics and basics of electrodynamics 

Bachelor Seminar "Molecular Quantum Optics (260043)"

Professor(s): Markus Arndt 


•Laser cooling of neutral molecules
•Cold Molecules from cold atoms
•Slowing of molecules in external fields
•Elements of geometrical atom optics
•Coherent beam splitters for atom interferometry
•Applications of atom interferometry
•Beam splitters for molecule interferometry
•Applications of molecule interferometry
•Cavity stabilization methods
•Laser cooling of nanoparticles

When:   Wed    06.10.2016 - 26.01.2017


•You get: research articles and books. 
•You are present 80% of all meetings and you deliver:
•5-page English handout (before the talk), your first submission to MA is graded
•45 min PPT presentation (graded after your talk)
•Discussion part (graded after the discussion)
•Selected students can do an experimental Bachelor thesis linked to this seminar

Prerequisites: E3, T2. Useful but not obligatory: AMOP Lecture, QO Lab course

Technical University

Lecture "Quantum Technology I" (141.A16)

Professors: Rabl, Schumm, Rauschenbeutel. 
Location: Sem.R. DB Geld 07


  • Quantum information processing with trapped Ions
    (P. Rabl)
    Introduction to quantum information theory, implementation of a quantum computer with trapped ions.
    Lectures: 5.10.,   12.10.,   19.10.,   09.11.
  • Quantum metrology (T. Schumm)
    Measurement in Quantum physics, measuring time with coherent ensembles, atom traps with trapped particles, optical frequency standards
    Lectures: 16.11., 23.11.,   30.11.,   7.12.
  • Nanofiber-based atom-light interaction
    (A. Rauschenbeutel)
    Light propagation in step-index fibers, atom-field interaction, nanofiber-base trapping of neutral atoms
    Lectures: 21.12.,   11.01.,   18.01.,   25.01.
  • Seminar I (Studentenvorträge): 14.12
    Seminar II (Studentenvorträge): 01.02


When:   Wed   05.10.2016 - 25.10.2016

ECTS Credits:   2 hrs, 3.0 ETCS

Previous knowledge: Physik III, Quantenphysik I, ideally Quanteninformation I+II.

Lecture "Theoretical Quantum Optics" (136.062)

Professor: Rabl
Location: Sem.R. DA grün 04


  • The aim of this lecture is to teach the basic theoretical methods, which are frequently used in the field of quantum optics to model, for example, open quantum systems, quantum measurement processes or laser cooling techniques. The relevance and practical application of these methods will be illustrated by a few basic examples.


When:   Tue    04.10.2016 - 31.01.2017                   

ECTS Credits:   2 hrs, 3.0 ETCS

Previous knowledge: quantum mechanics I & II

Lecture "Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum" (141.A58)

Professor: Mazets
Location: Sem.R. DA grün 06B


  • Rotation group and its irreducible representations.  Spherical harmonics; spin functions.  Wigner D-functions for rotations.  
  • Addition of quantum angular momenta.  Clebsch-Gordan coefficients and the algorithm of their calculation.  3j-symbols and their symmetries. Sums involving 3j-symbols. Irreducible tensors.   
  • Further adding of angular momenta: 6j-symbols and their symmetries.  Sums involving 6j-symbols.   
  • The Wigner-Eckart theorem.  Calculation of matrix elements of practically important operators.   
  • Adding several identical spins.  Permutation symmetry of the co-ordinate part of the wave function of a multi-particle  system and the allowed values of the total spin.
  • Application of the quantum angular momentum theory in atomic and molecular  physics (branching ratios for the channels of radiative decay of excited states;  statistical weights of states; hyperfine splitting and the Zeeman effect; ac Stark shift).


When:   Fri    07.10.2016 - 20.01.2017                    

ECTS Credits:   2 hrs, 3.0 ETCS

Seminar "Neutrons, Solid State and Quantum Physics"

Professors: Schmiedmayer, Rauschenbeutel, Rabl, Schumm
Location: Hörsaal Atominstitut, Stadionallee 2

When:   Fridays   15:15