CoQuS Summer School 2016

12.09.2016 - 16.09.2016

From 12 - 16 September 2016, distinguished international guest lecturers will cover experimental and theoretical aspects of Quantum Information, Quantum Optics and Quantum Nanophysics during the CoQuS Summer School 2016.

The following speakers will be present: 

Aephraim Steinberg (Toronto, Canada)|
experiments in quantum foundations

Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge, UK)|
philosophical perspective on time in physics

Terry Rudolph (Imperial College/Uk)|
quantum foundations theory

Francesca Ferlaino (Innsbruck, Austria)|
control of many-body quantum systems

Miles Blencowe (Dartmouth, USA)|
quantum-classical correspondence and gravitational decoherence

The summer school is open to interested advanced undergraduates, graduates and junior post-docs with a good background in quantum mechanics. No extensive background in the specific field is required, since this school aims to give an introduction to specialized topics in theoretical and experimental quantum physics. Each lecture series will consist of several lectures (1,5 hours each). Students from the UNIVIE and the TU WIEN can also obtain ECTS credits - please consult your course directories for further information.

Participants are encouraged to present and discuss their own research during a dedicated poster session. We will offer a poster award to the best student poster.